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How to grow chicory:

Chicorium intybus.


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Chicory is a very attractive, crisp winter salad leaf. It has a refreshing, slightly bitter taste and is well worth growing as it can be expensive to buy.

Sow chicory seeds in early summer in shallow drills 12 inches apart. Thin the seedlings to 9 inches apart. Keep weed free and watered.

There are two types of chicory. One needs to be blanched and the other does not.

Where blanching is needed dig up some of the crop in the autumn. Twist off the leaves to within 0.5 inches of the root and put the root into a deep box of moist peat. Cover the chicory root with about 9 inches of peat. Pack the peat down well and keep in a warm place.

After 5 weeks the roots will have grown chicory of about 6-8 inches. Cut and use.

Discard these roots and dig up some more from the garden. Repeat the process and you can eat fresh chicory all winter.

Harvest the chicory types that do not require blanching when the hearts are nicely plump.