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Information on, uses of and how to grow chervil:

Anthriscus cerefolium.


A herb traditionally used in Lent and thought to have blood cleansing properties. it was also used as a skin cleanser.

Growing pattern

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How to grow
Sow chervil seeds from February to August. The seeds will germinate quickly. Thin the seedlings to 15cm apart. this herb can be grown under cloches for an early spring crop and will happily grow in a container.

Soil condition/position
Chervil likes a well drained soil in partial shade. It can be used when it reaches 10cm in height.

Chervil has fern like leaves and looks a little like French parsley. It has clusters of small white flowers and a spicy flavour.

Chervil makes a good addition to salads. It has a more delicate flavour than parsley and can be used to make a lovely soup. Add it to butter sauces to go with vegetables and mix it with other herbs to go with egg and cheese dishes. Use it to garnish pork or veal chops and steak. Chopped chervil can be sprinkled over cooked carrots and peas.

N.B. Chervil is one of the herbs traditionally used in the French "Fines Herbes" mix.