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How to grow celery:

Apium graveolens.


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Sow in a heated greenhouse in early February for a crop in early September.

Only cover the seeds very lightly with fine sand or soil. Water very carefully and when the seedlings develop, water only with tepid water.

Leave them dry-ish rather than over watering.

When two leaves have formed transfer the seedlings to seed trays filled with a good compost allowing 2 inches between plants.

Stand them in a shady position and as they get stronger expose them to more sunshine.

Plant them in their final place in early May.

For a winter crop follow the same method sowing in the middle of March but plant the seedlings out in a cold frame planting 2 1/2 inches apart.

Keep them well watered and they should be ready for outdoor planting in the middle of June.

For the final celery bed, the soil should be trodden down very firmly.

Plant the celery using a trowel allowing 8-12 inches between the rows. Keep the celery well watered.

About six weeks before the celery is required blanch the plants either by earthing up or by tying a cardboard collar around each plant. In frosty weather the celery should be given extra protection in the form of straw or fleece.