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How to grow cauliflower:

Brassica oleracea botrytis cauliflora.


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For cutting in late May sow in a heated greenhouse or hot bed in early February.

Sow the seeds very thinly in rich soil with the addition of coarse sand to ensure good drainage.

When the seedlings have formed two leaves and look fairly sturdy, transfer them to small pots.

Harden them off by placing in a cold frame and then plant out in a sunny position in early April.

Do not attempt to sow cauliflower outside until mid April and even then choose a position in full sun.

A second outdoor sowing can be made in May and plants from this will give cauliflowers until Christmas. A sowing in August can provide plants to over-winter in a cold frame which can then be moved to a sunny position in early April.

Never allow the seedlings or plants to become dry and when planting out allow about 2 feet between each plant.