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How to grow carrot:

Daucus carota.


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For a very early crop carrots can be sown in a hot bed in early February.

The earliest outdoor sowing can be made from February onwards.

The soil should be well tilled and friable. Never use fresh animal manure for the carrot bed.

Sow the seeds in drills and cover them with half an inch of soil. If sowing early a few bushy twigs laid along the drills will keep the seeds warm and induce germination.

When the seedlings come through thin them out to at least 1 inch apart. Thin out further (some of the tiny carrots can be used) until the plants are 8-9 inches apart.

Lift the final crop in November and use through the winter, storing in a clamp.

Different varieties of carrot are suitable for different types of soil so be guided by the seed packet or seed catalogue.