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How to grow Brussels sprouts:

Brassica oleracea bullata gemmifera.


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Sow outdoors in early April. Just throw the seeds across the bed and cover lightly with fine soil.

When the seedlings are about 3 inches high transplant them into a prepared bed where they can stay until you have room in the main vegetable bed. Plant them 4 inches apart.

When putting them into their permanent place make sure you take a good amount of soil around the roots and bury them right down to the first pair of leave sand firm the soil very securely around the roots. Plant them at least 3 feet apart each way.

In the autumn remove any yellowing leaves. Pick the sprouts after the first frost and pick from the bottom of the stalk upwards.

The sprouts are broken off the stems. The tough base of each sprout is cut off and then a deep cross is cut across the remaining base to allow the boiling water to cook the sprout evenly. Any damaged or tough outer leaves are removed. 

The sprouts should be cooked in boiling salted water until just tender and then thoroughly drained. Allow about 6 sprouts per person.