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Information on, uses of and how to grow borage:

Borago officinalis.


Borage originated in Southern Europe. It was used as a tonic and was believed to exhilarate the mind.

Growing pattern

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How to grow
Grown from seed. Broadcast or sow in drills from March to July. Borage is ready to use after 8 weeks. Cut it back regularly. The plants do not transplant well. When planting out place seedlings 60cm apart. Borage seeds well and will come up year after year.

Soil condition/position
Borage likes a light, poor soil of chalk or sand. It prefers a well-drained, sunny position. Borage is not suitable for container growing as it has a very long tap root.

Height 60cm. A hairy leaved plant with vivid blue star-shaped flowers.

The flowers can be put in beverages like Pimms Number One. Use the tender leaves for salads - they have a delicate cucumber taste. Chop the young leaves and flowers and add them to green salads. Also add the leaves to pea or bean soup. Put the flowers and leaves into wine or fruit cup, leave for one hour then strain. Borage leaves make nice hot or cold tea when served with lemon and sugar. Candy the flowers for cakes and ice-cream or use them in ice bowls. The dried flowers are an ideal ingredient for pot pourri.