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How to grow beetroot:

Beta vulgaris.


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These are best sown in a bed which has previously been used for celery or potatoes.

They need a rich, well drained soil but manure should not be added to the soil just before sowing.

Sow in mid-May in drills 2 inches deep and 1.5 feet apart. Scatter the seeds thinly in the drills.

The tiny seedlings that emerge some 2 weeks later may need protecting from the birds.

Thin the seedlings when they reach 2 inches tall into groups 6 inches apart.

About 10 days later thin to obtain single plants 6 inches apart. Try not to do this in full sun.

The beetroot should be ready from late August onwards. Lift the roots carefully and do not cut the leaves off but twist them off 3 inches away from the top of the beetroot.

Boil the beetroot until tender but do not cut tops off until after cooking. Cool and use for salad.