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How to grow French beans:

Phaseolus vulgaris.


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Sow in a sheltered position in late May or early June.

Some caution is needed since these beans are very susceptible to frost, slugs and snails.

Place seeds in double rows 6 inches apart, 3 inches deep and keep the double rows 3 feet apart.

They can also be brought on in a greenhouse in April and moved to a cold frame when the first leaves are fully formed.

Plant out towards the end of May if the weather appears suitable. Keep beds weed free and do not let the plants dry out.

The pod is used whole, boiled in salted water and served as a hot vegetable or cold in salad with an oil dressing.

Haricot Bean
Haricot beans are a type of dwarf French bean and they are grown in exactly the same way, except that they are left on the plant until it dies back in the autumn.

Before the first frost they should be hung up to dry in bundles. Once the pods become brittle the beans can be removed and stored in a dry place.

They are used just like any dried pulse.