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How to grow broad beans:

Vicia faba.


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Plant tubers in March to April in a sunny position. The soil should be well drained. Place tubers nine inches apart and four inches deep. Space rows eighteen inches apart. Water well if weather is dry and keep weed free. Dig artichokes in October. They can be stored in sand if necessary.

These can be sown in October/November for harvesting the next year or in January/February the year after.

The earlier they are sown the less likely they are to become infested with black-fly.

The chosen site should be dug over thoroughly and well manured with home made organic compost.

Sow the beans/seeds in double rows 9 inches apart and 6 inches between each bean leaving 4 feet between each double row. The sowing can be done either in a 3 inch deep trench or in individual holes at the distance shown above.

A really early crop can be achieved by sowing in boxes in the greenhouse in January and hardening off the plants in a cold frame in March.

The beans should be used while still tender. Some people like to boil and eat the whole pod when it is small but it is usual to grow them to a reasonable size, remove the beans from the pod and boil them.

As long as the tops of the plants have been kept free of black fly they can also be boiled and used as a vegetable.