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Information on, uses of and how to grow bay:

Laurus nobilis


Bay was the laurel used in the wreaths with which the ancient Romans and Greeks crowned their athletes and heroes.

Growing pattern
Perennial evergreen tree.

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How to grow
You would have to buy a small tree. Once established cuttings can be taken from side shoots in late summer. The leaves can be picket throughout the year.Soil condition/position: The Bay likes a sunny place. If the winters are known to be hard the tree should be pot grown and brought in. For container growing it can be kept clipped right back to a suitable size.

The tree can grow to 40 feet. Its leaves are shiny and dark green, the flowers light yellow and the fruit purple.

Bay leaves are a component of bouquet garni. Use the leaves in soups and marinade mixes. Add to dry rice to impart its spicy flavour and to meat and vegetable dishes.