Aubergine Pests and Problems

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 Updated 12/05/2017

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Question 1

Hello, I am just writing to ask about an eggplant I have been growing.
At the moment it is 18" high and the first aubergines are now beginning to show. However the plant pot is only 6" by 6". I was wondering whether I should move it in to a bigger pot or leave it for now. Thank You.


This sounds like a big plant for the pot you have it in. I would be tempted to very carefully pot it on into something larger. In the meantime, you have to bear in mind that container grown plants like aubergines and tomatoes always need to be kept thoroughly watered in order to promote proper fruit formation.

Question 2

I have an aubergine plant with flowers on and when the flower dies the stem shrivels and falls off. The plant itself is healthy and is being grown in my lounge window sill. I am feeding it with potash (tomorite). Any advice you could give me would be appreciated.


If I understand your question, you're basically saying that your plant isn't producing any fruit. This is probably due to the lack of a pollinator i.e. bees etc., since the plant is indoors. The only solution is to grow the plant outisde with a degree of protection, while allowing insects to access the flowers. Also, you may be adding too much potash to the plant which can interefer with the absortion of other essential nutrients.

Question 3

Hi, I've noticed some weird little red critters on my aubergine plants. They're living on the underside of the leaves and the tops of the leaves have got some white patches. What are these things and how can I get rid of them?


I'm pretty sure, based on your description, that your aubergine plants have red spider mite. As their name suggests, they are tiny red pests that are most often found in greenhouses and will eventually destroy the plants. There are biological products which kill and control this pest. Also, it's a good idea to remove badly infested plants and try and reduce crowding generally. It can help if you keep the leaves regulalry misted with plain water to try and prevent an outbreak.

Question 4

I'm having problems with my aubergine fruits. They're gorwing to a reasonable size but before they can ripen, they go brown and soggy at the end? How can I stop this happening?


This problem is called blossom end rot, which can affect tomatoes and peppers as well. It is caused by an irregular water supply, which results in little or no calcium reaching the extremities of the plant, and in turn results in the damage you have seen on your aubergines. Basically, the solution is to water the plants regularly, making sure the soil beneath the surface get enough water to keep it just moist.


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