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General information on allium (flowering onions):

Allium (perennial)

There are about 500 different species of Allium which come in many colours. They are all propagated from bulbs and they all have an onion or garlic smell in varying strengths.

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Allium prefer a light, well drained soil in a sunny position. However some species including Allium Moly are quite happy in slightly shady conditions. The gardener's Allium stock can be increased by division in early spring but most of the species spread quite readily by offsets.

- Allium beesiannum which grows to 18 inches in height and flowers bright blue in July.
- Allium moly which blooms in May and grows to 12 inches in height. It is yellow in colour.
- Allium oreophilum astrowskianum with it's dark red bloom in May growing to a height of 9 inches.
- Allium flavum minor which flowers yellow in early summer and is small enough to go in a rock garden.
- Allium Rosenbachianum which grows to 3 feet in height and flowers in June with a rose-purple coloured bloom.