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Some well known desserts and some new ones for you to try.

Almond Pancakes with Fruit Coulis - FEB 2006
Apple Charlotte - OCT 2009
Apple and Honey Ice Cream with Blackberry Sauce - OCT 2008
Apple Streusel - JUL 2009
Arrowroot Pudding Recipe
Baked Chocolate Cheesecake - MAR 2008
Baklava - JUL 2008
Blackberry & Apple Mousse
Blackberry Mousse - SEP 2009
Blackberry Upside Down Pudding - OCT 2007
Blueberry Pie - DEC 2006
Blueberry Pudding - DEC 2006
Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe
Brown Betty Pudding Recipe
Cabinet Pudding Recipe
Canary Pudding Recipe
Caramel Custard Recipe
Cherry Clafoutis - MAY 2008
Chocolate Brandy Bombe Recipe
Chocolate Peppermint Crisp - APR 2007
Chocolate Pots - FEB 2011
(Sticky) Chocolate Pudding - APR 2009
Clafoutis Recipe
Cold Chocolate Soufflé Recipe
Coffee Mallow - JUN 2007
Cottage Rhubarb Pudding - APR 2010
Cranberry Soufflé Recipe
Crème Brulée Recipe
Custard Tart Recipe
(NAAFI) Custard Tart - OCT 2009
Date Pudding Recipe
Double Whipped Lime Soufflé - APR 2008
Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe
Empress Pudding Recipe
Flummery Recipe
Frangipan Tart Recipe
Friar’s Omelette Recipe
Frozen Brandy Creams
Frozen Raspberry Cream Recipe
Fudge Nut Pie - DEC 2007
General Satisfaction Pud
Ginger Syllabub - MAR 2007
Golden Syrup Roly Poly
Gooseberry Crumble Recipe
Gooseberry Tansy - JUN 2007
Grapefruit and Mint Sorbet Recipe
Green Tea Cheesecake - JUN 2010
Hedgerow Pie - SEP 2006
Honey Lemon Sponge - MAR 2006
Honey and Raspberry Ice Cream - AUG 2006
Italian Lemon Ice Cream - AUG 2010
Jam Roly Poly Recipe
Key Lime Pie Recipe
Kulfi - MAR 2009
Lemon and Ginger Cheesecake - JAN 2007
Lemon Ice Cream - JAN 2009
Lemon Rice Pudding - NOV 2009
Lime Dainty - JAN 2010
Lychee and Mandarin Mousse - AUG 2008
Macaroon Iced Parfait with Raspberries - JUL 2007
Malakoff Recipe
Maple Tapioca Recipe
Marigold Pie Recipe
Orange Delight - FEB 2007
Pancakes, Pineapple and Banana - FEB 2007
Passion Fruit Delight Recipe
Peanut Butter Ice Cream Recipe
Pear and Hazelnut Shortcake - SEP 2007
Pecan Pie Recipe
Pineapple Bread Pudding - MAY 2006
Plum and Apple Tansy - SEP 2008
Plum Gingerbread Pudding - NOV 2007
Plum Meringue Pie - JUN 2007
Plum Sponge Recipe
Princess Pudding Recipe
Pumpkin Pie Recipe
Queen Mab Pudding Recipe
Raspberry and Chocolate Dessert Cake - JUN 2009
Raspberry and Lavender Pavlova - AUG 2007
Raspberry Water Ice Recipe
Ratafia Trifle Recipe
Real Rice Pudding Recipe
Rhubarb Cream Pie Recipe
Rhubarb Layer with Clotted Cream - MAY 2007
Rimside Tin - APR 2006
Rose Petal Ice Cream Recipe
Rum and Raisin Ice Cream Recipe
St. Clement's Delight - MAR 2007
Simple Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Cheesecake - MAY 2009
Strawberry Meringue Flan - JUN 2007
Summer Pudding Recipe
Summer Strawberry Pudding - JUN 2008
Sweet Chestnut Mousse
Sweet Pumpkin Fritters
Syllabub Recipe
Syrup Loaf - JAN 2009
Syrup Roly Poly
Tarte Tatin - FEB 2009
Thanksgiving Pudding Recipe
Thanksgiving Pudding Recipe 2
Treacle Tart - MAR 2011
Vanilla Cream Pie Recipe
Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe
Winter Apricot Flan - JAN 2008
Yogurt Recipe
Zabaglione Recipe

See also:

Bakewell Pudding Recipe
Bakewell Pudding Recipe 2
Bakewell Tart Recipe
Bedfordshire Apple Florentine Pie
Bedfordshire Pudding Recipe
Chester Pudding Recipe
Chester Pudding Recipe
Cumberland Clipping Time Pudding
Devon Flats Recipe
Devonshire Apple Dappy Recipe
Devonshire Junket Recipe
East Anglian Apple Dumplings Recipe
Eton Mess - JUL 2006
Exeter Pudding Recipe
Mrs. Banyard’s Seagull Pudding Recipe
Poor Knights of Windsor Recipe
Rochester Pudding Recipe
Shoeburyness Pudding Recipe
Sussex Well Pudding Recipe
Welsh Pudding Recipe
West Riding Pudding Recipe

Anzac Christmas Pudding Recipe
Christmas Pudding Deluxe
Christmas Pudding Ice Cream
Christmas Pudding Recipe
Christmas Pudding Recipe 2
Christmas Pudding Recipe 3
(Mrs. Bridges') Christmas Pudding
(Vegetarian) Christmas Pudding
Christmas Satsuma Syllabub
Christmas Syllabub Recipe
Christmas Trifle Recipe
Mince Pies Recipe

Cornish Apple Pie
Cornish Burnt Cream Recipe
Cornish Sandwiches Recipe
Cornish Treacle Tart
Cream Teas Recipe
Junket with Clotted Cream Recipe
Suck Cream Recipe

Easter Chocolate Dessert Recipe
Easter Cream Recipe
Figgy Pudding Recipe
Grandmum Mog's Chocolate Pudding - APR 2006
Pashka Russian Easter Dessert Recipe

Brandied Peaches Recipe
Cassata Ice Cream Recipe
Champagne Sorbet Recipe
Cherry Charlotte Recipe
Cherry Cheesecake Recipe
Chocolate Fondue Recipe
Pineapple Fruit Salad Recipe
Raspberry & Mascarpone Cheese Dessert Recipe
Strawberry Liqueur Ice Cream Recipe
Tiramisu Recipe
Valentine Pavlova Recipe