Cornish Recipes > Ginger Wine

How to make ginger wine:
An ancient Cornish recipe dating from the time when the English government encourage people to brew at home in an attempt to discourage the smuggling of alcohol in to the country. Up until at least the 1950's extremely respectable ladies would have a sideboard full of many different sorts of homemade wine such as cowslip, damson, blackberry, rhubarb, elderberry etc.


2 gallons of water
12 cups sugar
large piece root ginger
12 lemons
3oz fresh yeast
1/2 pint brandy
raisins (if desired)
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Boil the sugar and water.
- Add the ginger and boil gently for half an hour.
- Peel the lemons and pour the hot sugar and water onto the peel.
- Allow to cool.
- When cool, add the juice of the lemons and the yeast.
- Put it into demijohns and when it has stopped working divide 1/2 pint brandy between the demijohns. - Some raisins can be added at this stage if desired.