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How to make Cornish sandwiches:
A very slight variation on a Cornish Clotted Cream Tea. The scones here are not buttered and the scones are slightly hollowed out to make room for more cream than usual. By hollowing out the inside of the scone the cream is prevented from squirting out when the scone is bitten into. Also the use of these jams/jellies is slightly unusual as strawberry or raspberry jams/jellies are more commonly used.


damson, whortleberry or blackberry jam/jelly
clotted cream
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Rub the jam through a sieve.
- Split the scones in two and remove some of the insides.
- Spread some sieved jam on each side of the scone and put some clotted cream in the lower half of the scone.
- Press the two sides together and serve.