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This my Cornish Cookery section and a chance for me to pass on a bit of my Cornish cookery knowledge. I hope to be able to provide a really good Cornish recipe resource for everyone out there who has an interest in Cornwall and her food heritage.

My most popular recipe is the Cornish Pasty Recipe.

I hope you enjoy reading these recipes,

Cornish Clotted Cream Recipe
Cream Teas Recipe
Fried Eggs with Clotted Cream Recipe
Junket with Clotted Cream Recipe

A Cake from Penzance Recipe
Blackberry Drink Recipe
Cornish Apple Pie
Cornish Bacon & Egg Pie
Cornish Baked Herring
Cornish Black Cake Recipe
Cornish Burnt Cream Recipe
Cornish Cabbage Broth Recipe
Cornish Christmas Pudding Recipe
Cornish Easter Cakes Recipe
Cornish Fairings
Cornish Fish Pie
Cornish Fish Soup
Cornish Fried Herring
Cornish Great Cake
Cornish Heavy Cake - SEP 2007
Cornish Herby Pie Recipe
Cornish Limpets
Cornish Marinated Mackerel
Cornish Parsley Pie Recipe
Cornish Pasty Recipe
Cornish Pie Cake
Cornish Porter Cake Recipe
Cornish Potato Cake
Cornish Potato Cake Sweet
Cornish Punch Recipe
Cornish Roast Bream
Cornish Roast Mackerel
Cornish Salad Cream Recipe
Cornish Sandwiches Recipe
Cornish Sausages Recipe
Cornish Seedy Bread
Cornish Treacle Tart
Dippy Recipe
Figgie Hobbin Recipe
Fuggan Recipe
Ginger Wine Recipe
Helston Pudding Recipe
Kiddley Broth Recipe
Mahogany Drink Recipe
Metheglin Recipe
Nettle Soup Recipe
North Cornish Biscuits Recipe
Saffron Cake Recipe
Suck Cream Recipe