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The Green Chronicle website began in January 2000. Our aim is to celebrate and encourage the excellence and diversity which still exists in British food production today. There are many food producers all over the country struggling against the engulfing tide of mass production to bring traditional and fantastically good food to our tables, food of high quality which but for them would be lost for ever.

We also hope to encourage our readers to try to grow their own pesticide-free vegetables and herbs and to assemble their own untainted ingredients so that they can feed themselves and their families in the safest and most nourishing way possible.

If you know what ingredients you are using and where they come from you are in control of your own well-being. Apart from which you can't beat a tomato that you have grown yourself.

We welcome any contributions whether it be points of view, recipes, stories or tips. We hope you enjoy The Green Chronicle website and that you find it informative and interesting.