Jubilee Buns!

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Jubilee buns

Here's a recipe for Jubilee Buns which date from the Victorian era.

They're easy to cook and taste great on their own but are extra special when eaten with jam, butter and cream.

If you want to try other dishes from Britain, check out our regional recipes section which is packed with plenty of recipes.

Honeycomb Biscuits

Honeycomb Biscuits

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Enfield Buns

Enfield buns

NEW - Delicious regional cakes hailing from Enfield in North London, which are very similar to rock cakes and great for a teatime snack.

Lord Mayor's Cakes

Lord Mayor's cakes

NEW - A Victorian recipe for dainty, fatless cakes that are sandwiched together and flavoured with caraway seeds.

Parson's Cake

Bars of Parson's cake

NEW - A recipe for a gingerbread-like cake which comes from a Victorian cookbook. It's simple and makes a great teatime snack.


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